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Property 2: Riviera Multi-Family Investment. Walker Capital welcomes Limited Partners.

Property 2 is a Core+ multi-family residential building in the heart of Nice. It stands close to the Mediterranean sea and enjoys beautiful views of the coastline.

In the short term, this property will value add capital investments like structural integrity checks and fixes, a paint job, deep clean, and landscape renovations. In the long term, each living unit is to be fully equipped with a modern kitchen, dishwasher, clothes washer, efficient heating, and furnished to an aesthetically pleasant finish.

From day 1, the rental building enjoys regular cash flows and is operated at 80% occupancy for long-term rentals. A highly reputable property manager will be placed on the property to find, service tenants, and facilitate outgoing tenants. The steady and regular cash flow safely cover debt expenses at 1.25 EBITDA, all operating expenses, and allows for an savings account to service future capital expenditures.

Investment Parameters


Nice, French Riviera

Building Size

1500 m2


Metropolitan, Dense





Purchase Price

2,000,000 EUR

Funding Target

1,000,000 EUR

Target* Upside

​500,000 EUR

Financed Amount

1,000,000 EUR

Investor Profit Split


Year of Entry


Target* Horizon

36 Months

Investment Strategy: Sign the property under contract, employ property manager with excellent track record, force appreciation via short-term structural and cosmetic upgrades, hold for duration, refinance with a quality lender, distribute earnings to equity investors.

*Targets are not promises of performance and are dependent upon prevailing market conditions.

Payoff Projections

Profit Split: 80% Upside goes directly to you, the equity investor

Payment Frequency: At Maturity, 36* months

Sample Payoff Schedule: Based on target* upside of 500,000 EUR. This is how the profit would be split based on the amount you invest.

Your Invested Equity

Your Return

(based on 80% profit target upside)

Your ROI** %

50,000 EUR

20,000 EUR


200,000 EUR

80,000 EUR


500,000 EUR

200,000 EUR


1,000,000 EUR

400,000 EUR


The more you invest, the more you earn -WALKER CAPITAL

*Targets are indicative only. As with any investment, figures are not promises, nor are guaranteed. Investor takes responsibility for amount invested and is only liable up to that amount.

The Team

  1. Professional investment management by Ryan Walker with 10 years banking, wealth management experience, and prior successful real estate investing

  2. Property management firm with an excellent reputation that seeks to maintain flat occupancy up to and over 95% year round

  3. Facility management firm overseeing the quality of the facility, the state of amenities, and coordinating value-add capital expenditures.

  4. Commercial real estate law firm to carefully draft each contract and protect your money

  5. Accounting firm to distribute cash flows and pay-offs to you -the investor - including yearly earnings reports ensuring transparency so you can track your money



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