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You are entitled to know your investment inside out. This why Walker Capital is always open and clear on every project we target. We will always disclose the investment parameters and what will happen to your money. It is highly encouraged to ask as many questions as possible and allow us to put you at ease.


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Only you should know your private details, and for that reason, your name, details, invested amount, and more, are simply not shared with anyone. Your privacy is as important as our privacy; that's why we are adamant about practicing discretion. 


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As an investor, you will receive quarterly updates on the project you choose as well as annual income statements. You are welcome to request any information on demand. You will be informed about your money at every step and always know how your investment is performing.


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Every part of the process is overseen by lawyers. Each document is reviewed, translated, explained, and signed with a sober mind. Transactions are performed under strict observation of the law. We encourage you to double check everything with your own legal team.


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You can't fall in love with what you do unless you do what you already love. I love real estate and I love the French Riviera. I have vowed to myself that I will keep the cities beautiful by buying, renovating, and maintaining historic buildings. 


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"Create Success" is my personal mantra. I believe that success is created by doing the work directly. I live this every day. This mentality allowed me to achieve personal health and freedom goals. Now I am using it to achieve my financial goals. This is the reason Walker Capital is successful.


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