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Commercial Real Estate as a virus-proof investment

It's a sad story. A virus hits and brings detriment to peoples' health and their wealth. Covid-19 is a prime example of how quickly life can stop. Learn how to be prepared and create structures to ensure your own safety and stability in emegency economic shut downs.

The European Union mandated immediate action from it's member countries in order to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus that hit in 2019-2020. This caused a wide-spread shut down of business all over the continent. Among the most affected were:

  • Tourism

  • Hotels

  • Retail

  • Distribution and shipping

  • Consumer entertainment

  • Restaurants

  • Farming and dairy

But guess what, all these business need a location to operate, and that location is inside a building, and that building belongs to someone. So who's winning? The owner of the building. Rents are constantly being paid and even in a crisis where the retail business doesn't see revenue, they must still pay their rents. The owner of the building is the person that benefits.

This is why you should get into real estate

A virus is a terrible situation and impacts everyone negatively, but just like you can be ready for an electrical power failure, so can you be ready for emergency economic shut down.

Even during a crisis, you will get paid



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