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Create Virus Proof Cash Flows. Hedge financial risk in emergencies.

The Covid-19 SARS-2 virus hit us hard. It was a period of high stress, frustration, and the need to think quickly on your feet. Adapting to the environment quickly would increase chances of business survival - but what if your business was hospitality, or lodging?

Many types of businesses couldn't weather the storm and the low-capitalized ones had to file for bankruptcy and liquidate. However, there was a subset of business that wasn't sweating nearly as much as all those - it's Real Estate. I demonstrate - from the rooftops of Prague Old Town - that funneling your money into the Real Estate investment vehicle and having renters, instead of restaurant clients (for example), you set yourself up to be more protected from potential emergency economic situations. Invest into real estate, get renters, collect the flows.

Walk on the Upward Spiral, Create Your Success





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